Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Site for Dance Reviews

The dance scene in Melbourne is growing by the month. In any short space of time, you can see  shows from independent choreographers, mid-tier companies, The Australian Ballet, tertiary and training institutions and international touring artists.  Add circus, physical theatre and various other dance/theatre hybrids and it is a struggle to keep up with everything going on. 

Melbourne is a gob-smackingly busy artistic hub. Busy artistic hubs should have plenty of dialoguing around and about all the artistic activity taking place. It's part of a healthy eco-system. 

I'm hoping that this site, dance reviews melbourne, can contribute to the dialogue between audiences, artists and any other interested parties and bring more awareness and interest to the events discussed.  More than being consumer guides, I'd like to think that the reviews and articles here make a positive impact on the dance/circus performing artists and communities by discussing and documenting what is the most ephemeral of art forms. 

Please support this site by reading it, commenting on it, linking to it and passing it on. 

Thanks, Stephanie Glickman

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