Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vertical Road by Akram Kahn Company

Image from Vertical Road.
Photo by Carla Gottgens. 
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This was the highlight of MIAF for many people, myself included. Not unsurprisingly, the show took out The Age critics' award. 

There's something very visceral, very human about the work. Which sounds trite to say, but in a festival where a lot of work left audiences cold, Vertical Road was an emotional whirlwind - the kind of show that hits you on the inside and then leaves you thinking about it for days. It so easily could have pandered to over-wrought cliche or fallen into self-indulgent traps, but it didn't. The dancing was both powerful and diverse and Kahn, quite remarkably, managed to put it all together in a coherent and evocative way. 

Vertical Road by Akram Kahn Company
Melbourne  International Arts Festival
Merlyn Theatre, The CUB Malthouse
19 - 23 October 2010

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